Hemat MCQ Practice Set 2

The following Practice set contains 30 Q from Benign hematology based on NEET SS pattern for Clinical Hematology superspeciality. As this is practice set each Qs Answer and explanation is displayed as soon as you select your answer and click on SHOW ANSWER BUTTON, then you can move on to next Q.

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5 thoughts on “Hemat MCQ Practice Set 2”

  1. Why there is low MCV in HS when actually in haemolytic anemia has high MCV.also reticulocytosis will increase MCV further..? And RDW Also is mentioned to be increased in 4th option. So isn’t high MCV should be correct answer?

    1. Hi @Sujay
      Erythrocyte indices demonstrate a normal or borderline low mean corpuscular volume (MCV) despite increased numbers of reticulocytes, reflecting the membrane loss and dehydration (Ref Wintrobes 14ed)
      An increased MCHC is a characteristic feature of RBCs cells in HS. MCHC values greater than the upper limit of normal (35-36%) are common. This increased MCHC is a result of mild cellular dehydration. The mean cell volume (MCV) in patients with HS actually is low, presumably because of membrane loss and cell dehydration.

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