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In this years (2019 NEET SS) Solved Paper We could not include Feeder Subjects Q (ie Medicine/Pediatrics/Pathology). Some of these in recall/crude form is posted here so that u can go through the topics atlest.
Part A – 40 Q from Feeder Subjects >Medicine/Pediatrics/Pathology/Biochemistry
Part B – 60 Q from Hematology (Clinical Hematology + Hematopathology)

PART A Questions

1. Papulovesicular lesion in throat ? Hand foot mouth Disease (? Enterovirus)
2. Which structure of protein is preserved after denatutration ? Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary
3. Which of the following is marker of bone formation ? C-Terminal Procollagen Peptide
4. WBC inclusions ? Chediak Higashi Syndrome
5. Q related to reactive arthiritis ? Monoarticluar/Polyarticular/History of infection
6. Snake Poisoning – Rhabdomyolysis ?Cobra/Viper/Sea Snake
7. Strongest buffer system ? Bicarbonate/Phosphate/Hemoglobin
8. Long QT syndrome ? Which Drugs ?
9. In HSP immunofluorescence finding is ? IgA deposits around blood vessels/papillary dermis/Basement membrane.
10. ANCA related vasculitis ? Which one of following.
11. Gaves Disease ? T3/T4 elevated/T3 Elevated T4 normal etc
12. Sphingomyelinase deficiency ? Nieman Pick Disease
13. Anorexia Nervosa Vs Bullima Nervosa differences
14. Cork ScreW esophagus ? Diffuse Esopahgeal Spasm.
15. Carcinogenic agent and paired Malignancy.
16. Familial Hypercholestrolemia ? LDL Receptor
17. ACTH secreting Pitutary Cushing Syndrome drug used?
18. Travellers Diarrhoes ? ETEC
19. Niacin Toxicity Q?
20. Erythrocyte Transketolase Activity ? Which Vitamin deficiency ?

Part B MCQs has been released by us as solved paper which can be subscribed by following link below.
Review of NEET SS Clinical Hematology 2019 Exam