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WHO 2016 Update: Myeloid

The 2001 WHO Classification 3rd edition reflected a paradigm shift in the approach to the classification of myeloid neoplasms. For the first time, genetic information was incorporated into diagnostic algorithms provided for the various entities. The 4th edition (2008) and the current 4th edition revision reflect the significant new molecular insights that have become available since the publication of the 2001 edition. All the major changes in 2016 update can now be revised by solving MCQs as listed below.

WHO Myeloid Update-1

WHO Myeloid Update-2


WHO 2016 Update: Lymphoid

Although there are only limited alterations in the classification compared with 2008, the revised monograph has a large body of information published over the last 8 years relating to existing entities with some important diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications. The classification maintains the goals of helping to identify homogeneous groups of well-defined entities and facilitating the recognition of uncommon diseases that require further clarification. Revise by solving MCQs as listed below.

WHO Lymphoid Update-1

WHO Lymphoid Update-2


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Lymphoid Malignancies

B-Cell Ontogeny and Diseases

Myeloid Malignancies

Treatment Free Remissions in CML

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Lymphoid Malignancies

AL Amyloidosis

Myeloid Malignancies

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