Test 6: December 2019

This TEST has 100 Q ( First 40 from feeder subject + Next 60 from Hematology as per syllabus) to be solved within 90 Minutes. Note that You have to complete the TEST in single sitting because the test timer will run even if you close the browser, or internet connection gets lost, power goes down etc. The test will automaticly get submited in 90 minutes. If u close the browser/page got refreshed or internet went down u can quickly open it again and start from same place if u have saved your procedings by save button intermittently (however note that time lost will not come back). +4 for each correct answer and -1 for each incorrect answer. 

Save button saves your proceding and responses, you are adviced to use it intermittently while taking tests (However note that in time limited tests u need to continue your test in same sitting).

  • Grey button means unseen Q/ Green Button shows Q is answered and Orange means seen but unanswered.
  • Click on Q button to access unanswered Q.

If u have already attempted test and just want to revise Q and answer then go to last Q directly and submit test to open all Qs with detailed explanations.

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