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The button below takes you to Practice sets, Mock sets, Q banks and Test series for DM/Fellowship entrance examinations including eBooks of Recent NEET Clinical hematology Examinations provided by thehematologist.org over many years.

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Hello Hematologists, this website (thehematologist.org.in) aims as proliferating and propagating knowledge in hematology by two-way transport. This has been designed to act as an interactive social media platform for learning and discussing hematology.

This series will let you learn hematology through images and the best part is that it will be changed daily so a new challenge every day is up for learning. Click on the button to reach there.

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This website was made live in 2018 and in the next three years of its existence it has created many success stories in hematology DM and DNB entrances including NEET SS Clinical Hematology, AIIMS/PGI Chandigarh DM Clinical Hematology/Hematopathology. The website has provided quality course contents over these three years which includes test series, question banks, and solved papers and these courses have been a major guiding force in helping the entrance aspirants. Read Success stories created by the website by clicking here. The most subscribed course contents for clinical hematology entrances are listed below. [SUCCESS STORIES]

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