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This Website provide quality and proven material (Test series/Practice Sets/Mock Sets/Previous Year papers) of DM/DNB/PDCC/Fellowship Examinations of Clinical Hematology and Hematopathology.

Check out available resources for DM/DNB/PDCC/Fellowship Examinations of Clinical Hematology and Hematopathology to be conducted in 2020 : Click here for link

For Hematologists

The link below takes you to Drugs in hematology, Common drug administration protocols, Supportive care in hematology, WHO 2016 Updates and various power point presentation.

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Aspiring Hematologists

The link takes you to Practice sets and Mock sets for DM/Fellowship entrance examinations including eBooks of Recent NEET Clinical hematology Examinations. Also includes 2019 NEET SS Clinical Hematology Test Series.

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DM/DNB/Fellowships - Guide Books/Practice Sets/Test Series

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This provides a Quick link for all the contents directed for Hematology DM/Fellowship Entrance examinations.

Core Hematopathology

This link takes you to Hematopathology image challenge and MCQ practice sets.

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