Multiple Myeloma: ISS and R-ISS

Multiple Myeloma staging: International Staging System (ISS) and the R-ISS

ISS stage
Serum b2M < 3.5 mg/L, serum albumin >/=3.5 g/dL
II Not ISS stage I or III
III Serum b2M >/= 5.5 mg/L
High risk Presence of del(17p) and/or translocation t(4;14) and/or translocation t(14;16)
Standard risk No high-risk CA
Normal Serum LDH < the upper limit of normal
High Serum LDH > the upper limit of normal
R-ISS stage R-ISS stage is based on ISS stage + FISH findings+ LDH
I ISS stage I and standard-risk CA by iFISH and normal LDH
II Not R-ISS stage I or III
III ISS stage III and either high-risk CA by iFISH or high LDH


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