Transfusion Medicine Review -1 (15Q)

This section contains 15 True/False Questions from Basics of transfusion medicine which should be known to Hematologists.

This Q are to be answered as true and False.

Marking > 1 mark for Correct response and 0 for wrong response. 

1. Platelets and granulocytes are not functional in whole blood units.

2. RBCs are administered over a maxium period of 4 hours thruough a 100-micro m filter.

3. In most stable asymptomatic patients without cardovascular disease, transfusion is initiated if hemoglobin is <10 g/dL.

4. Shelf life of PRBC units is 35 days in CPDA- 1

5. Washed PRBC units are used in patients with severe IgA deficiency.

6. Shelf life of Washed PRBC unit is 4 days. 

7. Leucocyte reduced PRBC units are defined by those containing <10 X 106 WBCs per unit. 

8. Single-donor aphersis Platelets are collected from single donors by apheresis and it contains >/= 3 X 1011 platelets in 250-300 mL plasma.

9. Shelf life of SDP (Single donor platelets) is 5 days. 

10. When replacing coagulation factors, a dose of 50 mL/kg of FFP is recommended, with periodic monitoring of coagulation tests to determine eficacy and appropriate dosing intervals.

11. Each unit (bag) of cryoprecipitate increases fibrinogen level by 5-10 mg/dL in a normal adult. 

12. RBCs, platelets, and graulocytes are irradiated with 25 G of gamma radiation to prepare irradiated products.

13. All cellular components that are Leukoreduced are considered “CMV-safe”.

14. Leukoreduction of blood products prevents TA-GVHD (Transfusion associated graft versus host disease).

15. FFP and cryoprecipitate do not transmit CMV infection. 


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    1. Sir regarding question 14- leukoreduction is mostly effective against febrile non hemolytic transfusion reaction, but for CMV protection much more reduction is needed. So “All” word seems to be quite contrary.

      1. Leuckoreduction to the recomended level ( < 5 x 10(6) WBC/RBC unit reduces the risk of FNHTR as well as CMV hance leukoreduced products are given to those at risk of CMV infection as neonates, transplant patients and patients on chemotherapy.

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