Hemat MCQ Practice Set 3

The following Practice set contains 30 Q from Basics of hematology based on NEET SS pattern for Clinical Hematology superspeciality. As this is practice set each Qs Answer and explanation is displayed as soon as you select your answer and click on SHOW ANSWER BUTTON, then you can move on to next Q.

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4 thoughts on “Hemat MCQ Practice Set 3”

  1. Q 5~~ haemochromatosis n thalassemia ,,,,both r high iron load in body conditions,,,,so must be associated with high hepcidin levels.?? Rather than low???

    1. When hepcidin concentration is low, ferroportin expression is increased, leading to increased iron absorption and export from macrophages.
      Hepcidin deficiency is the main or contributing factor of iron overload in iron-loading anemias such as β-thalassemia. Hepcidin deficiency results from a strong suppressive effect of the high erythropoietic activity in beta-thalassemia on hepcidin expression.

      Hepcidin deficiency is seen in all types of hemochromatosis except Type 4 Hemochromatosis.

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