SGPGI MCQ Set 1 (60Q)

This MCQ set is based on pattern if SGPGI SR/PDCC entrance of Clinical hematology. This set has 60 Q and u need to select the correct options (Multiple answers can be correct). This is set up in such a mode that correct answers appears instantly with each Q after you tick/select your answer u can click on show answer button, however detailed explanations are not provided.

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    1. This is in regard to QNo 5. Neutrophil hypersegmentation persists for 2 weeks or more, the white blood cell and platelet counts rise in the first week if they had been decreased. (Wintrobes 13ed). The mechanism of hypersegmentation and why it persists in the blood for more than a week after therapy are unknown. (Wintrobes 13ed).

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