DM/Fellowship Entrance Questions: Hematology

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NEET SS 2020 Test series

Solved Paper 2019 NEET SS Exam

Top 250 Q Bank

NEET SS 2018 Solved Paper eBook

NEET SS 2017 Solved Paper eBook

WHO 2017 Review MCQs

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Website provides quality and proven material (Test series/Practice Sets/Mock Sets/Previous Year papers) for DM/DNB/PDCC/Fellowship Examinations of Clinical Hematology and Hematopathology.

As you scroll down you will see paid as well as free access contents available on website for these exams.

NEET SS Clinical Hematology Test Series 2020

Team @ will conduct test series in 2020 on same pattern with 10 monthly tests and Mocks (July 2019-May 2020)

Part 1 will have 40 questions from feeder subjects ie Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathology and Biochemistry.

Part 2 will have 60 questions from hematology.

NOTE >> First 3 tests will be of 100 Q from Hematology covering basics of Hematology-Hematpathology and Clinical Hematology and Rest 7 Tests will be on NEET Pattern and schedule is tabled below.

Each monthly tests will be live on 10th of every month (and remains live till NEET Exam 2020) and ranks will be published on 15th of every month. No rankings would be given if tests are attempted after 14 th 11:59 PM

Solved Paper 2019 NEET SS Exam

We have released review of Clinical Hematology SS exam for 3rd consecutive year which includes Q from exam and their explanations. (Only Part B Q)
So it will have all 55  Q from Core Hematology + Additional 55 MCQs added by author for concept clearing of the topic as many Q are Topic Repeats only asked in different way.This section is based on Q from SS 2019 EXAM in Part B only ie from Core Hematology.

Author: Dr Sujeet Kumar

Imp Note >>> Use Buy Button Below for Access (INR 500). Once your payment is completed, u will receive a payment confirmation receipt and then within 30 minutes you will receive access message after which you would be able to access Q bank. If you have already purchased access click Solve Paper Button to start solving Qs

Note >> NDA > Any resemblence to original Qs are purely coincidental and author or website is not legally responsible for this coincidence.

Q Bank : Top 250 Questions in Hematology

This section has 250 MCQs picked up form clinical hematology by the author and presented in explanatory manner for Quick revision of concepts in hematology essential for NEET SS/DNB/AIIMS/PGI Chandigarh Clinical hematology as well as hematopathology entrance examinations.

Subscription Price INR 800 : Click on buy access button below to pay and Subscribe

Your access will be provided within 2 hours of payment and you can access the q bank by logging in to website and clicking on the links provided here (below) or at other places on website. 
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NEET SS 2018 Clinical Hematology Solved Paper

The new Exam Pattern active since 2018 is now clear along with type of questions that were asked. Comprised of 100 questions (Part 1 had 40 questions from feeder subjects ie Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathology and Biochemistry and Part 2 had 60 questions from hematology). eBook is based on this exam (Note> Any resemblence to original Q is purely coincidental)

Author: Dr Sujeet Kumar/Dr Yatendra Parashar

Sample of the book: Click to read here

Buy @ INR 319: Click on buy button to get your copy. Once payment is completed you will be mailed Password of the book for e reading on website.

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Part 1 of the Book contains 40 MCQs from feeder subjects ie Medicine/ Padiatrics/ Pathology/ Biochemistry

Part 2 of the book contains 60 MCQs from Core subject ie Clinical hematology


2017 NEET SS Clinical Hematology MCQ eBook (Pathology)

This book was published post NEET SS 2017 exam which has 200 MCQs asked in NEET SS Clinical Hematology Exam conducted in year 2017. As the pattern was quite different that year and students with MD pathology degree got 200 Q form pathology and hematopathology only.

This book might prove useful to both Oncopathology and Clinical hematology SS exam to cover pathology part.
Click on buy button to buy access to this Book. Passwords will be mailed once payment is completed.

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WHO Hematology 2017 Book: Revision Course MCQs

This course has been designed to provide 7 sets of MCQ each for revision and self-assessment of whatever you study from WHO Hematology 2017 to consolidate your Knowledge of Malignant hematopathology that would help you in Cracking NEET SS Clinical Hematology, AIIMS/PGI DM Hematopathology Exams.

These will be practice sets for your revision and individual assessment and comparative rankings will not be displayed.

Subscribe MCQ set 1 - 75 Q covering Chap 1,2 and 3 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start test 
Subscribe MCQ set 2 - 55 Q covering Chap 4,5,6 and 7 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start test
Free MCQ set 3 - 35 Q covering Chap 8 (Upto P 145) of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start Test
Free MCQ set 4 - 35 Q covering Chap 8 (after p 145), 9, 10 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start Test
Subscribe MCQ set 5 - 60 Q covering Chapter 11 and 12 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start Test
Subscribe MCQ set 6 - 90 Q covering Chapter 13 and 14 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book Start Test
Subscribe MCQ set 7 - 60 Q covering Chapter 15,16 and 17 of WHO Hematology 2017 Book June 2020

Subscription: Pay INR 1000 for All sets By Clicking Buy Access Button Below

Note >> Once payment is completed you will be enrolled and access passwords will be mailed 1-2 days before the day MCQ sets becomes Live.

WHO 2016 Update: Myeloid

The 2001 WHO Classification 3rd edition reflected a paradigm shift in the approach to the classification of myeloid neoplasms. For the first time, genetic information was incorporated into diagnostic algorithms provided for the various entities. The 4th edition (2008) and the current 4th edition revision reflect the significant new molecular insights that have become available since the publication of the 2001 edition. All the major changes in 2016 update can now be revised by solving MCQs as listed below. (Free Access)

WHO Myeloid Update-1

WHO Myeloid Update-2


WHO 2016 Update: Lymphoid

Although there are only limited alterations in the classification compared with 2008, the revised monograph has a large body of information published over the last 8 years relating to existing entities with some important diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications. The classification maintains the goals of helping to identify homogeneous groups of well-defined entities and facilitating the recognition of uncommon diseases that require further clarification. Revise by solving MCQs as listed below. (Free Access)

WHO Lymphoid Update-1

WHO Lymphoid Update-2


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DM/DNB Clinical Hematology centers and seats related info

For DM and DNB clinical hematology colleges, seats and information related to previous year counselling Click the button below. If you want to ask Q in forum kindly log in first.

MCQ Discussion Forum

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MCQ Sets (Free Access) for Solving

This section contains other important section of MCQs which you need to solve for better understanding of subject and comprehensive coveraghe of syllabus. These have Q from drugs in hematology and important points of hematopathology and transfusion medicine. These MCQs sets are not replicated anywehere in the website, hence go through them.

Hematopathology Practice Sets

Hematopathology 20Q-1

Hematopathology 20Q-2

Hematopathology 20Q-3

Hematopathology 20Q-4

Hematopathology 20Q-5

Transfusion Medicine Review MCQs

Blood Bank Review -1 (15Q)

Blood Bank Review -2 (10Q)

Blood Bank Review -3 (10Q)

Blood Bank Review -4 (10Q)

Blood Bank Review -5 (10Q)