IPSET predicting survival in ET

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IPSET (International Prognostic Score for ET: predicts survival)
Risk factors (weight): Risk and Survival
Age ≥60 y (2 points) Low risk: 0 (median survival not reached)
Previous thrombosis (1 point) Intermediate risk: 1-2 points (median survival, 24.5 y)
Leukocyte count >11 × 109/L (1 point)  High risk: 3-4 points (median survival, 13.8 y)


Passamonti F, Thiele J, Girodon F, et al. . A prognostic model to predict survival in 867 World Health Organization-defined essential thrombocythemia at diagnosis: a study by the International Working Group on Myelofibrosis Research and TreatmentBlood. 2012;120(6):1197-1201.