Risk Stratification in ET

1. ET Risk Is Based on Age, History of Thrombosis, and Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Factors. Select all of the which following applies for your patient ?


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Risk stratification in PV and ET based on thrombotic risk

Patients with ET who have a history of thrombosis or who are 60 years of age or older are considered to be at high risk, whereas patients who are younger than age 60 years or who lack a history of thrombosis but have CV risk factors (eg, diabetes, hypertension, or tobacco use) are considered to be at intermediate risk.

Risk category Age>60 years or history of thrombosis Cardiovascular risk factors *
Low No No
Intermediate No Yes
High Yes
  1. Extreme thrombocytosis (platelet count >1500 × 109 per liter) is a potential risk factor for bleeding in ET.
  2. Increasing leukocyte count and JAK2 V617F mutation have been identified as novel risk factors for thrombosis in both ET and PV, but confirmation in prospective studies is required.
  3. *Hypertension, hypercolesterolemia, diabetes, smoking.


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