Myelofibrosis DIPSS Plus Risk calculator

The Dynamic International Prognostic Scoring System (DIPSS) was developed by the IWG-MRT and it takes into account progression of disease over time and hence it can be used to evaluate prognosis as a patient’s condition in any time point of disease course.

DIPSS Plus is based on DIPSS and includes additional risk factors, specifically karyotype, transfusion dependency, and platelet count less than 100 × 109/L.

1. Tell about patients clinical and laboratory profile. Select all those factors which are present in your patient ?


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The 8 adverse prognostic factors included in DIPSS Plus risk model are

  1. Age >65 years -1 POINT
  2. Constitutional symptoms -Constitutional symptoms are defined as: Weight loss >10% of baseline in the year preceding diagnosis and/or unexplained fever or excessive sweats persisting for more than 1 month – 1 POINT
  3. Hemoglobin <10 g/dL – 1 POINT
  4. WBC count >25 × 109/L – 1 POINT
  5. Blood blasts ≥1% – 1 POINT
  6. Unfavourable karyotype (complex karyotype or abnormalities that include +8, -7/7q-, i(17q), inv(3), 5/5q-, 12p-, or 11q23 rearrangement) – 1 POINT
  7. Platelets <100 × 109/L
  8. Red cell transfusion dependent

Prognostic groups

Risk Category Number of POINTS  Median survival, years
Low 0 15.4
INT-1 1 6.5
INT-2 2-3 2.9
High 4-8 1.3


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